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Stop telling me I am sick, instead tell me I am healing!

I am going to open this article with a statement that some may find confronting, but I am tired of trauma, anxiety and depression being treated like a disease. I stared this page because it is the type of page I was searching for when I first started healing myself. I was very isolated and often at a loss for how to even begin dealing with my issues. Everyone around me was saying that I had any number of disorders and encouraging me to take medication, that was only causing me to isolate myself more. I blindly trusted medical professionals to know what was best for me, and there in lies the very issue, I gave up my own power of self healing. When I say heal myself, it does not come from an arrogant place, but I found traditional psychiatry, psychology and medication only subdued my symptoms, the root cause was always there. I had suffered PTSD, anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse for a long time. Some was from my military service, some was from just the blows life had dealt me. Like putting a band aid over a wound, medication generally hid the issue from sight, but the wound was still there festering away. If I have learned anything, it is that you have to face the emotional root cause of your trauma or you will never heal. Those that read my posts, know that when I became pregnant with my daughter I decided I had to find a better way for her. It really was as simple as a shift in thought. What if I was not as much as a mess as everyone was telling me. Instead of simply accepting the opinions of others, I asked myself what if all of this is happening for a greater reason? What if, instead of looking at the depressing room, I opened the door and walked into the unknown. What if I faced my darkest thoughts and survived, if I found a different way, I figured it couldn't have been worse than what I was doing now. Half living in a haze of anti-depressants and anxiety medication, neither really here or fully checked out, just in limbo. Please do not think that I am anti-medication, it certainly has a time and place, but I am anti long term medication without root cause healing. I am anti telling people they have disorders or are damaged, instead of telling them they have amazing opportunities for growth. How we label things makes all the difference. Imagine if medical professionals told us, 'congratulations you have survived a trauma that is going to give you amazing growth in empathy, understanding and self-awareness if we gently work through the root causes and give you some tools' instead of, 'you have an anxiety disorder from years of systemic abuse but we can give you some medication to subdue those symptoms'. We have lost our way, we have lost our connection and we are a hugely over medicated society. We have forgotten many of our tools, exercise, meditation, connection to nature, group healing, nutrition and just simple Joy and fun! We work too hard to buy things we just don't need, usually to mask or try and feed an inner sadness, then we question why we remain stressed and anxious.

So while I started because of my daughter, I am now healing myself for me. I became a qualified yoga instructor, and mentor local people in my area, but I always feel as though I need to do more. My own healing has given me some amazing knowledge of emotional trauma and I feel a responsibility post healing to connect others so we can bravely stand together to continue to help heal each other in a gentler more compassionate way. All of us carry pain, all of us carry hurts, this page is designed to give you tips on tools that worked for me. Anxiety and Depression are very useful emotions, they keep us safe and slow us down, they do not always have to be seen as such negative emotions. We need to understand them better, so we can treat the ugly symptoms they sometimes present better. Some of my tools may work for you, some may not, but they will at least open a question in your mind about a better way to do things. So as we approach 5000 likes I am very hopeful, I love getting your messages and am very open to talking about anything you may be going through. I can guarantee if you are going through it, others will be, or would have recently gone through it. So please message and provide me with your feedback and I will do my best to discuss. I would like to thank you for your support, the growth of this page has been very humbling. My single message today, stop saying you are sick, start saying you are healing....much love sare x.

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