A letter to myself... before War!

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

My darling girl, You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life in ways you cannot yet, begin to fathom.

You are only 21 and although you consider yourself an adult, in so many ways, you are still a child.

The first thing I want you to understand is that you have been given a wonderful gift. The gift is simple, but you will not realise the magnitude of it until much later on. You, darling girl, are the result of the love of thousands. An ancient female strength flows through your veins. The world has lost its connection to this power, but it silently sleeps within you. If you embrace it, this gift of love will grow into a natural resilience. This resilience will guide you through your darkest days. It will grow to levels that will astound you.

These women who have come before you have sacrificed, that sacrifice is etched in your DNA. On your blackest days, when it is just too much, remember you are the daughter of warriors.

Please understand, you don't need to waste a decade saying that you are OK when you aren't. Your disconnection will only hurt the people that deeply love you. There are only a handful of people who truly matter, be brave enough to share your pain with them.

This raw honesty will release you from your "mask of perfection".

Because that mask is unsustainable, it will crumble!

You must learn that vulnerability does not equal weakness. Underneath we are all flawed...

Learn to be proud of her, let the world see her true strength.

Trade in your tour bus!

In reality life only requires enough true friends to fill a Kombi!

Do this early, it will save you so much wasted time... By nature, you are a kind hearted soul. War will leave you deeply ashamed and proud in equal measure. Watching humanity take a back seat to arrogance will challenge everything you believe in. You will carry shame, it will sometimes feel like it is slowly crushing you. But you will also see others rise in compassion, this will inspire you. Forgive yourself for not doing better. Remember the lesson but keep moving forward.

Hold onto your good times, your future husband is an amazing dancer ;)

You will often see your kindness as weakness and try to present a tough face. It will take accepting your darkness and making friends with your ego, to find the strength to own your authentic story. This will be scary.... but this will also be liberating. Don't eat your pain. There are not enough marshmallows in the world to fill the hole a lack of self-care will create. Do the best you can and then let it be. Stay to long in the past and you will become depressed. Look to longingly towards the future and anxiety will rear its ugly face. Stay in the moment and find gratitude in the simplest things.

After all is said and done, gratitude is the key to happiness. Be the reason someone else is grateful, every single day!

I cannot stress the importance of practicing gratitude enough.

IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! By the way, that voice in your head is a liar. She will tell you busyness = productivity. Smiling = strength. Success = happiness. She is a liar. Change your subconscious programming, be disciplined in your affirmations and change her language! On the subject of language, learn to flip think your problems.

This is the key to shifting emotional triggers. Replace "Why is this happening to me," With..."Why is this happening." This simple shift will change your life. Melancholy can be beautiful, accept it and snuggle under your blanket fort.

Listen to your body and rest! Isolation can mean freedom and one great conversation is better than 100 texts.

Practice mindfulness early, this is the key to healing your broken bits. You do not have to accept every invitation to fight. Pick a few of your deal breakers and let the small stuff blow by. Before your 22 birthday, you will navigate a hostile smuggling vessel through the pitch black Persian gulf with only a handheld GPS.

You will do this successfully.

You will not see it this way. Everyone will congratulate you for your achievements, but inside you will feel like an imposter.

This will take you decades to heal from! Imposter syndrome is a real thing.

High functioning anxiety is a real thing. It will make you drink a bottle of wine every night, just to shut that voice up. By the way, wine will never fill the hole either. It will give you an escape from reality, but it won't last long and the day after is torture! When you are finally ready to ask for help, people you thought had your back, will not be there for you. Others will surprise you with their compassion and insight. Go find your tribe....(or create them).