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Do you limit your reality? Its time to ditch the Special Specs!

I first published this article a few months ago, but since then I have had a lot of requests asking me to describe my special specs in greater detail. I often hear people flinging around the word vibration and reality, yet I am not convinced they truly understand what these terms mean. If they do understand them, they seem totally unaware of how to go about changing their current reality. "Ive been working on lifting my vibration" or "Ive been practicing my affirmations and they just don't work", are common feedback I get. I think what most people fail to realise, is if you are not aware you have even limited your reality, you will never be able to change it. Most people simply see the result of these limiting beliefs (Special Specs) ie I don't have as much money as I’d like, or I cant find my perfect soul mate, or why cant I just be happy? Often the simplest solution is a shift in perspective, I have said this many times, but the world isn’t a horrible place, but if I watched the news 24 hours a day it would certainly seem like it was. When we shift our perspective, it is then much easier to release negative belief systems. So what is your reality? We create our own reality, so the first understanding is everything you’re observing has been drawn to you by your own vibration. I read an excellent example a few years ago: "If you’re wearing a pair of glasses that block out all colors except pink, then you’re only going to see pink everywhere. After a while, you may begin to think that the entire world is pink. If you put the glasses on as a child, you probably don't even know other colours exist. Your entire world is Pink. So how you see the world are your glasses, your belief system, and what you will attract (vibrate). You will generally see the entire world through the filters you’ve adopted and have been taught. So, if you have a belief about money, “you are from a poor working class family” for example, then you’re going to see the world through that filter.

The real kicker, is that you’re only going to be able to perceive situations and people that support your current beliefs. You will only see pink in a word of possible colours. I have found that anything that doesn’t support your theory of life (vibration), will be invisible to you. I have even found this to be true when there is a lot more evidence against your belief system. Say someone keeps showing you green, but you refuse to see it, It doesn’t matter how much green evidence they show you. When we’re wearing our special glasses (and we all are), we can only see what our filters allow us to. In this case a pink world. So again, back to your belief about your working class family, your special specs are telling you you have to struggle, when the true reality is you can make as much money as you want. So the answer, take off the glasses and redefine your reality. Start to question things you see and believe. Are these true realities you see, or just beliefs you have been conditioned to embrace? In a nutshell, are you vibrating yourself poor, lonely and disconnected? Its timeto take off your glasses and to start to see the whole rainbow of possibilities....x sare

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