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Autumn, let it flow....

Tips to better understanding the trickiest of seasons.

     It always seems to me that the turning of the seasons always comes on so rapidly. 

It is hard to imagine that for those in the North, it is already time to turn away from the light. 

I always find Autumn to be the most difficult of seasons. 

As someone that struggles to 'Let it go', I have always found Autumn energies tricky to navigate.

     Autumn is the season of release, reflection and slowing down. 

If Spring is all about abundance, Autumn is all about storing and preparing for the long Winter. 

The joyous feel of Summer gives way to the more introspective Autumn. 

Autumn is the end of the masculine Yang season and heralds the start of the feminine Ying energies. 

Days get shorter, nights get longer, and the wind gets colder.

Snapshot of Season, Store your qi:

     In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the dominant element associated with Autumn is Metal. 

The lung is the organ in the body which is associated with Metal, and Wood is the affected element (liver organ).

    The colour is white, the emotion is grief, the nature is Ying and the body is all about the lungs and the breath. 

It is a time of harvest, to collect our stores, including our physical strength, and begin to ease towards hibernation. 

Metal, which governs organization, order, communication, the mind, setting limits, and protecting boundaries, is dominating your spirit.

Just like nature loses her leaves, we must let go of anything that does not serve our higher purpose.

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     The lung is responsible for taking in the new. 

This manifests physically as breathing in the clean, crisp air, filling us with the oxygen we need to think clearly, and our bodies to function optimally. 

The Yang element of the lung is the large intestine which is responsible for letting go of the waste. 

It is the last stage in digestion, and takes everything the body doesn’t need, and releases it, only keeping what is vital and important for us to function.

So, if like me, Autumn is a tricky time for you emotionally, just repeat the mantra, Let it FLOW! 

It is ok to release, it is ok to grieve and it is ok to SLOOOOOOOWWW down. 

As always be kind to yourself.....Big love....x Sare

This article is based on an extract from the new book 'A Goddess for all Seasons'

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