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My list of reasons you are worthy!

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I am going to keep this post very simple.

You are worthy. Let me write that again, in uppercase.....


To often we forget this one simple fact.

Nowadays, more than ever, we live in a fabricated Society.

A society that measure success via the number of Instagram or Facebook likes.

This results in a pressure to present an ideal self. A self that is carefully constructed based on what is socially popular.

This externalises the search, meaning, rather than looking within, people are trying to match what ‘authenticity’ looks like to others.

This external model of authenticity inevitably leaves us feeling unworthy.

When we put on this mask, they don’t merely hide our true selves, but if we wear them for long enough, we often become who we impersonate.

If there is one thing my journey has brutally shown me, it is that nobody and I mean absolutely nobody has it all together.

When we are brave enough to remove our own mask, we create a safe space for others to do the same.

“Be yourself — not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.” — Henry David Thoreau

So I decided to compile a list of the things you are worthy of:

1. You are worthy of having a bad day! Including, but not limited to - bad hair days, bad attitude days, not getting out of your tracksuit days and not getting out of your bed 'bad days'.

2. You are worthy of having poor parenting days! Including, but not limited to - being frustrated at your kids, feeding them cereal for dinner, locking yourself in the cupboard for 5 minutes of peace.

3. You are worthy of your pain, and not having to hide it! (yes, be that friend who wrecks the "vibe") Including, but not limited to - the pain of rejection, the pain of betrayal, the pain of abuse, and the pain of loneliness.

4. You are worthy of your voice and unique story! Including, but not limited to - stories that make other people uncomfortable, stories that you tell with tears in your eyes and a shaking voice, stories that help others heal just through the bravery it takes to tell them.

5. You are worthy of your boundaries! Including, but not limited to - touching boundaries, inappropriate conversation boundaries, making yourself a priority boundary and energetic boundaries 'you crazy hippie'.

6. You are worthy of unconditional love and respect! Including, but not limited to - from those in your family, from your friends and from total strangers who cross your path.

7. But most importantly you are worthy of your own self-care.


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