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Why I unashamedly 'Poop Glitter'!

People ask me continually how someone who spent 15 years in the military and has been to war can be so positive about the world. The less polite like to pass comment that I am blind to the horrors or live in fairy land. s. I answer them all quite seriously now, its because I choose to 'poop glitter'. Though this post may sound glib and my reply may seem funny or flippant, my message behind it is anything but.

I am a military daughter. My dad is a Vietnam Veteran and an ex-Detective, my grandpa is a WW2 Veteran and I'm a Veteran. I've sent my life facing the serious consequences of other people's actions. From my earliest childhood memory, I've spent my life defending and supporting the underdog, fighting the 'bad guy' and handling enough stress to have anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress before I was 30. But the impact I had in the world, the change I actually manifested was minimal. I was left angry, disillusioned and convinced the world was horrible. I was completely shut of from the magic that, once remembered, is every where.

Everything is in motion, nothing is at rest, including you. Even objects that appear solid, under a microscope will reveal themselves as a mass of vibrating cells. This is not spiritual voodoo, this is basic physics. You are a combination of cells, some scientist estimate these cells number up to 500 million trillion. Imagine all these cells gently shaking in your body, you are basically a walking talking vibrating mass. Every thought, action or spoken word you have emits a vibrational frquency. We have all heard the saying 'your vibe attracts your tribe', but what exactly does this mean in science terms? This spark of energy either lifts or lowers your vibration, just like tunning a radio dial. The more negative thoughts, words and actions the lower your vibration, the more you will atrract other lower vibrations. Everything you are observing and living has been drawn to you by your own vibration.

My vibration was so low as to be almost non existent. I could continue to choke on my negative life or fix it. So I began every single day to choose beauty. I turned of the news, I always still hear the important news, and just started to only spread love. I am not blind to the atrocities that are committed daily, I know them intimately, but I am choosing to fight them smarter. I cannot change the games of wealthy men, but I can uplift others so they can be wise enough to form their own independent opinions. So no, you will not see me post my political opinion, or engage in sensational talk. I will not tell you who to support or when to march, that is your choice and yours alone. Instead I will remind you just how beautiful and magical you are and hope that this lifts you to also spread more love. I will remind you that you are intelligent and worthy of respect, that you are born from the stars and destined for greatness and I will continually show you the beauty that surrounds you. So yes, I choose to poop glitter....I wish a few more people would also make that choice....x Sare

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