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Anxiety and our Little Ones!!

Easy Meditation for Children!!

When I first started my page I posted about my beautiful daughter Dixie who regularly finds herself anxious about her day or worried about something from her imagination. Like you, I often wished I had something to take away all her worries, but without her worries, she would never develop her strengths. So the greatest gift I can teach my children is how to deal with anxiety, to equip them with mindful tools to manage all that life will undoubtedly send their way. Anxiety in our children is increasing rapidly, as parents/teachers we must address this issue. So the first tool we learned together was how to do the Sky Balloons meditation. It is super easy, and a great way to introduce your children to the mindfulness of breath. Meditation...SKY BALLOONS!! Snuggle into your little ones bed and lie on your back. Teach them to place their hands on the belly and close their eyes. Pretend their belly is a balloon. As they breathe in, get them to feel their belly balloon filling their hands. As they breathe out, feel the air leaving their belly balloon. (you have just taught them mindfulness of breath..x) do this a few times, filling and emptying your balloons. On your next inhalation, teach them to fill their balloon with any worries or wishes they may have from the day. As they exhale, send that balloon up into the night sky. Repeat this process with every breath. Have fun...teach them to watch the sky fill with their balloons. How big are they? What color are they? How do they move as they float up into the stars? Notice how the balloons float farther and farther away, until they disappear. Go round the moon, into the arms of the milky way. Have fun with this visualization and let your kids build on it or create their own. Keep in mind that they can fill their balloons with not only their worries but their wishes, too. They can use it during the day, we often float our troubles out the car past a certain cloud. We sometimes use real balloons, but only if we are really struggling to release some fears. Do it Yourself..let your inner child play...xx

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