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Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE!

Creating your own tribe.....!! I don't think anyone doubts that we learn our belief systems as very little children, whether its school, church or just watching mum and dad, children are always learning just how to think. We model adult behaviours, because at its most basic, we all want to be accepted by our tribe. We see how most of our tribe acts, then we model our beliefs around fitting in with the tribe we have been assigned. Its why we love some sports over others, hold certain values above others and present ourselves in a defined way. Without even realising it, we are modeling and therefore defining how we will behave in the future, what we will stand for, what we will fight for. As we age, some of us start to realise that these values may not be how we truly feel, we start to move away from the tribe and towards our own uniqueness. It can be confusing for those that know us when we start to step outside of this defined box. Some of your tribe might embrace you, others may distance themselves from you or even ridicule you. I'm sure most of us at one time have been referred, or referred to someone as the black sheep of a family. It is not easy stepping into your own uniqueness as I think everyone of us at heart,just wants to be accepted by our tribe. The choice becomes whether to remain trapped within these limiting beliefs and behaviours, or redefine yourself without limits....easy right...hahaha! The greatest weight was lifted from my shoulders when I realised I could create my own tribe. I may have been excluded by members of my original tribe, but I created a better one of like minded people who love me unconditionally, crazy hippy beliefs and all. I shook of the weight of others expectations and asked myself what I really believed in my heart, some of my answers surprised me. I had very different beliefs from a lot of my tribe, and that was OK. What I most want to express is that no one tribe can define you, or be allowed to shame you into being someone you are not. Instead, learn to take aspects from each tribe (silent observer) and create your own with you firmly installed as chief....x sare

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