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Balance the mind, don't starve the body!

I have posted this idea before, but it is such a mammoth issue, particularly for our young men and women, that I wanted to re-post with some additions. I bet you have heard the term 'weight loss', but have you ever heard the term 'body disconnection'? The modern beauty industry has created an empire based around us not feeling worthy, not feeling attractive and ultimately treating our bodies as a constant battle ground. Women are particularly targeted and as Naomi Wolf stated in the Beauty Myth, "a culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience". The same can be said for young 'ripped' men, or increasingly 'Botox' addicted older men. So what is 'Body Disconnection', I believe it is when we stop loving our body for it's primary purpose, and start to resent it for cosmetic reasons. Your body has simply one purpose, it is not to appear a certain shape or size, but to effectively carry your soul as it journeys on earth. How it looks, how it moves and how long your legs are, how big your biceps or flat your tummy is has zero impact on its ability to do this. Yet we constantly battle food cravings, workout guilt and clothing label sizes? Why? Because if people (advertisers) tell you enough times, even subliminally, you start to believe you are not worthy, and buy the product to feel worthy. Excess weight is nothing but an imbalance within the mind, yet we treat the symptom not the cause. We learn to view our bodies as the enemy instead of learning to compassionately appreciate them and nurture with gentle exercise and good food. It becomes a vicious cycle of weight gain/weight loss, stress and self-loathing. Very much like the law of attraction, we focus so much on what we don't want, in this case fat, that it ends up being the actual thing we are attracting. Like praying for what we do not want. A calm mind connects with nature on every level. It understands that our bodies are some of natures greatest work, amazing in their capacity for self-healing and resilience. When balanced you will nurture your body unconsciously and it in turn will find its weight balance. The law of attraction will mean that your focus on good health, will naturally attract a balanced body and mind, zero need for fat blasting carb blocking super pills!!...xx sare

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