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HATING our Reflections

Hating our reflections! I have posted about this before, but I continually find myself frustrated by the sheer number of people that suffer from a body disconnection. The modern beauty industry has created a monetary empire based around us not feeling worthy, not feeling attractive and ultimately treating our bodies and faces as the enemy. Why are wrinkles unattractive? Grey hairs embarrassing? ...Fat gain the end of our known world? Who started this madness and why do we let it continue? Your body has simply one purpose, to effectively carry your soul as it journeys on earth, your face, to show each lesson you learned. I will preach it again, how it looks and how flat your tummy is has zero impact on its ability to do this. We have learned to view our bodies as the enemy instead of learning to compassionately appreciate them and nurture with gentle exercise and good food. It becomes a vicious cycle of weight gain/weight loss, stress and self-loathing. Then we have been told to not like our own images. Not to appreciate our DNA history in the curve of a nose or the width of a brow. But to undergo invasive surgery so we look genetically some bizarre version of a skinny ken and barbie...crazy town..residents US!!! The key to breaking this cycle is just starting to change your self talk. Look in the mirror and instead of finding fault, try "good morning beautiful" or "hey sexy, looking good". Imagine if we all realised we were enough. In my dream world this madness stops and we are all unique individuals with huge hearts who give money to worthy charities and not the beauty industry...some of us even have big noses...xx sare

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