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I stared this blog because it is the type of page I needed when I first started healing myself. I was very isolated and often at a loss for how to even begin dealing with my issues. I say healing myself, not to be arrogant, but because while traditional psychiatry, psychology and medication subdued my symptoms, the root cause was still there. I had suffered PTSD, anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse for a long time. Some was from my military service, some was from just the blows life had dealt me. Like putting a band aid over a wound, medication generally hid the issue from sight, but the wound was still there. When I became pregnant with my daughter I knew I had to find a better way for her. It really was as simple as a shift in thought. I asked myself what if all of this is happening for a greater reason? What if, instead of looking at the depressing room, I opened the door and walked into the unknown. I figured it wouldn't have been worse than what I was doing now. While I started because of my daughter, I am now healing myself for me. I am a qualified yoga instructor, and mentor local people in my area, but I feel as though I need to do more. I would like to connect others so we can bravely stand together to continue to help heal each other. All of us carry pain, all of us carry hurts, this page is designed to give you tips on tools that worked for me . Some may work for you, some may not, but they will at least open a question in your mind about a better way to do things. I love getting your messages and am very open to talking about anything you may be going through. I can guarantee if you are going through it, others will be, or would have recently gone through it. So please message and provide me with your feedback and I will do my best to discuss. I would like to thank you for your support, the growth of this page has been very humbling...much love sare x.

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