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Children's Anxiety, Magic Bubbles!! (Helping mums and dads)

My beautiful children are 5 and 6 and occasionally suffer from nightmares, if something stressful has happened or they are overtired especially. My son was particularly suffering after the death of his beloved dog recently. A great tool I use to empower them is our "MAGIC SPRAY ". ... I use a simple spray bottle filled with water and there favourite oils. (let them pick, half the fun). If you don't have oils, you can put some lavender, glitter or perfume (just make sure non-toxic). Decorate their bottles, talk about the power of their spray to block baddies, nightmares (insert fear). In an emergency any body spray will do, especially if your kids cant read yet (hehe). I then get them to visualise how each spray creates a magic bubble of protection around them. It can be any colour they choose. Dixie generally has a rainbow, but Jordy likes his silver mirror (he thinks bad dreams will get scared when they see themselves). It puts them in control of their emotions, teaches them to calm themselves and empowers them. I let my kids choose when they feel like they need protecting, but we generally make dream bubbles each night. It is also great if they wake through the night to settle them by reinforcing their bubble with a quick spray. Quick and easy to incorporate into bedtime routine. It works amazingly well for my family, including me (I may occasionally use it when I get nervous..hehe). Use your imagination and your kids, teach them tools early to face their anxiety. We had lovely dreams about flying choppers last night because the baddies couldn't get through Jordiy's bubble shield...xx sare

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