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Dijo Life has been a light in my darkness many times through the years.
Sare has opened her arms to the world and offered amazing love and acceptance, and in doing so she had changed so many lives, empowered so many people. She taught me to be the quirky, fun, loud and brilliant person I am and to be proud of that person!  I'm thankful every single day for Sare and the uplifting love and acceptance the Dijo Life community has brought to my life.


On Nov 6, 2019 12:38 PM, Darla Coker, Bremerton, Washington

Why Mentoring?

Do you feel like you present a "mask of perfection" to the world?

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and overwhelmed?

Are you ready to invest in your own self-care, own your unique life story and fall back in love with your authentic joy?


Then Dijolife "Individual Mentoring" may be for you.


For our partnership to be successful, we need to have a mutual "spark," an easy and natural connection. As such I require you to book a discovery session, to see where you are at in your life, if I would be a good mentor for you and if we would make a good team.


After working with hundreds of women, experience has taught me that only those who are 100% committed and ready for change, will be successful in making profoundly amazing life changes.  

Dijolife is my soul work, my highest calling. I take an extremely active role in your personal journey, and as such my experience is not cheap. There are thousands of cheap self-help courses, this is not that! We can discuss the various options during your discovery call, but if you are looking for the $99 bargain, this is not the program for you.


Each mentorship is individually tailored for you and your unique life story. I marry my 15 years military leadership experience, with my 15 years healing experience and the combination is a "take no prisoners" approach to self-care and boundary setting. This is serious soul work and you need to be ready for my unfiltered truth and guidance.

So if you are ready to invest in yourself, if you are truly ready to heal your past and own your authentic life story, then click above and schedule your free discovery session.

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