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The Hummingbird Method:

"Super Boosted Affirmations"

What are Super Boosted Affirmations?

  • They are my unique method of practicing affirmations that incorporate gratitude into a daily practice to increase abundance, 

  • They are a quick an easy way to change your unconscious conversations with the universe (less than 5mins a day),

  • They are a tool for shifting your subconscious blockages and emotional triggers, and

  • They are a powerful mindfulness training technique.

100% online, self-paced, approximately 1 weeks duration.


For a limited time, receive a free guided meditation when you click below!

Who is this course for?

The simple answer....every Women...

over 80% of us regularly suffer at the hands of our own inner critic!

On average we have 20 negative thoughts every second...

so this course is for the woman who has had enough and wants to change this pattern!

Stressed Woman
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