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Empowering women to authentically own their own stories!

DijoLIFE is for the woman who is ready to remove her "mask of perfection" and create the authentically joyous life she craves. At DijoLIFE, we teach you how to practice guilt-free self-care and enforce the boundaries we all need to create healthy relationships with ourselves and others.


   Founded by Sarah Turner in 2011 after she was diagnosed as suffering PTSD from both childhood trauma and her time serving as an Australian Naval Officer during the War on Terror, DijoLIFE is a safe place for survivors.

  Sarah Turner is an international author, fashion designer and speaker, who believes everyone is deserving of unconditional love and support. Please feel free to contact Sarah or join the inspiring DijoLIFE community on Facebook. 


An Independent best-seller! 

Written by DijoLIFE founder Sarah Turner, begin reconnecting with your authentic self with this guided journal for the woman who is ready to reconnect with nature, and fall in love with her own soul

Mindful clothing so your inner Goddess can SHINE!

Designed & created by Sarah, the original Dijo Clothing designs are literally wearable art, Australian designed, ethically manufactured, and created in small batches. These designs will empower you to be your highest self!


Dijo Clothing showcased at London Fashion Week and has been featured in British Vogue in 2023.   

London Fashion Week Dijo Clothing.jpg
Dijo Clothing London Fashion Week.jpg

Let's Connect! 

Find our flagship Dijo Clothing store at Oceana Arcade on Lake St, Cairns (Australia)

We'd love for you to contact us at 

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